Dabadock - Concert The King Khan & BBQ show

Thursday 10/01 20:30 Dabadaba

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No great introduction is needed for the terrific spectacle brought to us by King Khan and Mark Sultan with the title of The King Khan BBQ Show. One of the best and most brutal live acts on today’s scene. Once upon a time there was a kind of music called doo-wop that involved creating sweet and harmonious vocal melodies. Then there was another, called punk, which came from precisely the opposite place. And then there was a group that succeeded in combining and merging the two: The King Khan BBQ Show, the most colossal and indelible duo of these first two decades of the 21st century, in our humble opinion of course. They have an unrivalled sharpness when it comes to mixing doo-wop, rockabilly and punk with excellence and talent. In fact, what this erudite duo, created in 2002 in Montreal (Canada) by King Khan and Mark Sultan (aka BBQ), does, is to keep the most noble pith of rock’n’roll, its power, beat and spontaneity alive, and they do it like nobody else. Definitively unsurpassable songs, with their own identity, packed with strength, and with a sound that delights lovers of the most 60’s garage. The beat of the guitars and King Khan’s insolent vocal melodic creativity has one irremediably falling at his feet. It’s been a very long time since two human beings, alone, with no outside help, have expressed so much about the most fundamental idiosyncrasy of that thing we call rock’n’roll.