Children of revolution

Dissidence has often acted as a refuge for film to shield itself with, so as to depict realities on the outskirts of conventionalism. The documentary genre has taken the greatest strides in search of these realities, to show before our eyes when tradition has hidden. This year, Dock of the Bay is grouping three exceptional films under one same lens, to give an added layer to their interpretation. Camarón: flamenco y revolución (Camarón: flamenco and revolution) shows it was dissidence that the cantaor used to break with orthodox norms and take flight in a highly personal career. Matangi / Maya / M.I.A. shows how dissidence was the path the British singer took to show the reality of the Third World on the red carpet's glimmering stage. Cantares de una Revolución (Songs of a Revolution) shows how dissidence is what led Nacho Vegas to use a musical, historical and anthropological exercise to rescue the popular song of one of the many forgotten revolutions, the one occurring in Asturias in 1934.