Music Documentary
Film Festival
of San Sebastian

7th — 12th January, 2019
12th edition

A few months ago I was thinking about why we hold a music documentary film festival, what led us to do it. I wanted to regain that initial drive, go back to the basics, the idea that the documentary brings us, in a subtle, unique way, closer to reality, to the music and the excitement.

What is it that fascinates us about music documentaries? Is it that voyeuristic spirit of observing life intimately, of knowing something about that which we are obsessed with? Is it that beautiful way of relating to the music?

When I spoke to Jorge I asked him for this year's design to take us back to that basic idea, to the origins of the festival. To somehow recover the concept of the music documentary for Dock of the Bay

And this was the result, a great image that encapsulates everything the festival is about. Jorge himself described it like this:

"This year we were looking for a more cinematographic concept. That's why I opted for photographs, looking for an image that could be a frame from a film. In the series of photos that make up the different festival posters, hands play a starring role. We wanted to talk about our feelings when we listen to music and how we move our hands, often spontaneously, to accompany the rhythm or the tunes of our favourite songs. The hands are often out of focus to reinforce the feeling of movement and separate them from the geometrical figures in the background that represent instruments in a more or less abstract way. Finally there are the arrows that represent the movement of the hands. The fluorescent colour chosen generates an attractive contrast with the black and white photo, and makes the poster more striking."

We do not know how to explain what music makes us feel, and we do not really know why we hold this festival, but this year once more we have got everything ready to experience it all over again. Welcome to the twelfth edition of Dock of the Bay.

Eva Rivera
Jorge Elósegui - Estudio Primo

Dock Of The Bay 2019