15.01. Wednesday

21:00 Kutxa Kultur Kluba - Tabakalera

Joseba B. Lenoir + “Instroak Vol.3”

Larraitz Zuazo (2019 / 60’)

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Among the many musical projects set in motion by Joseba B. Lenoir, there’s one that the musician from Bera dedicates to himself, to the extent of being an almost uniquely personal work.

In his latest album, entitled Instroak Vol. 3, he has focussed on composing the soundtrack of the documentary ‘Bai, Bagara’ by Larraitz Zuazo and devised by Iñaki Goirizelaia, who travelled through the United States interviewing the population of Basque-speaking origin.

Joseba B. Lenoir’s new proposal combines music with images; in his live shows he will not only perform the songs live, but will mix them with screenings created from archive footage of the actual documentary.

The images will take us back to those United States of decades ago where men and women Basques strove to continue maintaining their own customs through folklore or simply sought to get by in a land so far away from their own home.

Joseba B. Lenoir

Joseba B. Lenoir

If we had to describe Joseba Baleztena in a single word, “restless” would be the most appropriate adjective. He started out and trained as a musician in Bera, going on to become an exponent of the town’s never-ending talent.

From the hardest rock 'n' roll he has developed all sorts of sounds and styles along the way as well as having the opportunity to learn from many of the musicians who have accompanied him. Having been a member of rock groups such as Sexty Sexers, Sumisión City Blues and Willis Drummond, his solo career kicked off in 2011 with instrumental melodies, experimentation, the darkest electric sounds and rock songs. He has spent the last year dedicated to film music and he is currently busy working on the artistic production of albums.

Larraitz Zuazo

Larraitz Zuazo

Editing felt like art to me when I started to study Audiovisual Communication. Particularly when mixed with music, I think it’s marvellous what you can achieve. Drawn to the editing technique, I have been immersed in this world since I completed my studies at the University of the Basque Country. In the last 15 years I’ve been very happy producing works as an editor and producer. And lately I’ve channelled my work towards the documentary field. After directing (and editing!) 4 documentaries which were hugely enriching for me, I am now preparing one of the most important projects of my life: a film merging documentary language and music, about the history of the group Itoiz. At the same time, I have personally directed a project called BEGIRA. This is a production company which produces innovative audiovisual content, adapting to the needs of each project. On the other hand, for years I have combined said works with teaching at university: as a professor at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Communication at the University of the Basque Country while studying editing and post-production works with students as part of my academic practice.