La Habitación Roja + In the middle of Norway

Mia P. Salazar - Sweden 2018 - 38 min.

Wednesday 09/01 21:00 Kutxa Kultur Kluba


Screening and acoustic concert by La Habitación Roja (Jorge Martí and Pau Roca).

In the summer, Spanish musician Jorge Martí Aguas tours with his band La Habitación Roja in sunny Spain and Latin America. But as soon as the winter starts, he goes back home in the middle of the Norwegian fjords, where he lives with his wife Ingrid, seriously affected by a chronic disease. To sustain his family in the north, Jorge works night shifts as a nurse in a center for patients with Alzheimers and dementia, where he often assists them in their final moments. He has been living this life of contrasts for 20 years now, surfing both realities but never landing in one or the other.