“A certain story of (our) lives. The relationship between music and narrative in biographical music documentaries”

Sala Z, Tabakalera
Thursday 10th january, 2019
16:30 h.

Thanks to a subjective tour of fragments of different biographical music documentaries, we will follow an analysis of the relationship between music and narrative, interweaving potential connections between the biographical facts narrated in the different documentaries and our own lives. Or in other words: “could we at some time in our past have felt the same as singers and composers like Oleg Karavaichuk, Nick Cave, Kurt Cobain, Elliott Smith, Nick Drake, Glenn Gould or Kathleen Hanna? And if the answer is yes: What role did music play in those key moments?

Marla Jacarilla

Marla Jacarilla

Visual artist, film critic and writer. Co-editor of the magazine on film criticism and analysis, Contrapicado, and vice-president of the ACCEC (Catalan Film Critics and Writers Association). She has collaborated in publications including Caimán Cuadernos de Cine, Sofilm, Culturaca, Cortosfera, Miradas de Cine, Sala 1, PliegoSuelto and A*Desk, among others. In 2012 she published Mecánica de la desidia, her first fictional novel.