Mursego + Respirar, correr, mirar

Virginia García del Pino - Spain 2018 - 23 min.

Tuesday 08/01 21:00 Kutxa Kultur Kluba


Screening with original soundtrack composed and performed live by Mursego.

BREATHING is something we’re born with, it is a verb as involuntary as it is necessary; it means that we’re alive and could decide what to breathe. It is everything. LOOKING too is innate. It’s not as vital as breathing and is somewhat more complex. We can look sideways, look attentively and look without seeing what’s there in front of our eyes. Vision rules in our lives. To look we only need light, an indispensable element for films to exist. RUNNING is a voluntary act which distorts the other two. When we run we struggle for air and our view of the world is distorted, the fixed shots become travelling and you can hear the sound of your heart in your ears. Running is cinema. It is for the person running and it is for those who watch the running person. Where are they going so fast? What’s wrong with them? Are they late for their train? Is someone chasing them?