Produced by George Martin.

  • Director: Francis Hanly.
  • Country: United Kingdom.
  • Duration: 88 min.
  • Year: 2011
  • original language: English. O.V.S.S
  • Leadings: Sir George Martin, Giles Martin, Sir Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Michael Palin, Howard Goodall, Cilla Black, Bernard Cribbins, Rolf Harris.
  • Editor(s): Martin Cooper.
  • Sound designer: John Pritchard
  • Producer (s): Francis Hanly

As debonair as its star, this production probes the life of the world’s most famous producer, and it does so with the good graces to knock on his door. This is, without doubt, a fascinating biography, and contrary to what we might expect, there’s more to it than the eruption of Liverpool’s Fabulous Four. Because as you’ll see, Martin had a life before the Beatles. Produced by George Martin plays with the past and present to synthesize a vibrant existence in an hour and thirty minutes. Martin, with a little help from dozens of contemporaries – from McCartney and Ringo Starr to the Monty Python crew – carries us through his working class upbringing, his later deafness, the humorous records (with Peter Sellers and The Goons), incipient r’n'r and, of course, the arrival of The Beatles, until today. But this penultimate and much awaited chapter is full of surprises: the film explains how many of the band’s technical innovations come from to the producer’s classical music education (the chord section in “Eleanor Rigby”), as well as his penchant for experimentation (the reverse guitars in “Rain”). A great life, told with sublime detail and warmth.