El bosque zurdo.

  • Director: Pedro Pinzolas.
  • Country: Spain.
  • Duration: 60 min.
  • Year: 2012.
  • original language: spanish.O.V.
  • Leadings: Fernando Márquez, Ignacio Castro, Carlos Tena, Clara     Collantes, Charlie Mysterio.
  • Screenwriter(s): Pedro Pinzolas.
  • Editor(s): Santiago Esteban, Pedro Pinzolas.
  • Sound designer: Fernando Márquez.
  • Film company: Lucky Village Media.

This is an investigation on the work, thoughts and life of Fernando Márquez “El Zurdo”, a musician, poet, novel writer, cultural and political agitator. He is the founder of bands such as Kaka de Luxe, La Mode, Paraíso and Proyecto Browning among some others. A look around the current work of El Zurdo with his new group, La Ruleta China, accompanied by Charlie Mysterio and Clara Collantes; but above all, about his activity as cultural and political agitator.