Don’t Follow Me (I’m Lost). A Film About Bobby Bare Jr.

  • Director: William Miller.
  • Country: United States.
  • Duration: 90 min.
  • Year:2012
  • original language: English. O.V.S.S
  • Leadings: Bobby Bare Jr., Bobby Bare Sr., My Morning Jacket, Justin Townes  Earle, Hayes Carll, David Vandervelde, Blue Giant,  Duane Denison, and Carey Kotsionis.
  • Editor(s): Erin Nordstrom.
  • Camera: William Miller, Soopum Sohn.
  • Film company: Terzo Creative.

Model father or absent husband? Black sheep or prodigal son? Bobby Bare Jr., indie-rocker offspring of a country idol, lives it up on the road as much as he can, and as much as he can get away with. An honest and warm film that retraces the steep slope of rock and fatherhood.

Various circumstances play out against indie-rocker Bobby Bare Jr. in the roulette of success and fame. For starters, he is the son of a true country music idol (Bobby Bare Sr., legendary star of Grand Ole Opry) and participated as a kid in cheesy duets with his Pop. That never helps. Then there’s his growing family (two sons and a daughter), an ex-wife, scarce worldwide recognition of his talent and a tendency to get a little hacked off. And let’s call him a cheapskate rather than downright exploiter, when it comes to the back-up band that tolerates him. Don’t Follow Me (I’m Lost) questions his dichotomies: model father or absent husband, black sheep or prodigal son, misunderstood genius or jinxed fool… All his faces are here in a sincere and affectionate film that doesn’t beat about the bush when it comes to showing the star’s unfriendly side (“I don’t sell myself because nobody’s buying”, he declares). It’s a film that depicts the slippery slope of rock and fatherhood, and faithfully compiles the type of life that can strike an unfortunate 40-year-old with a ton of outstanding bills and a father who always cast an insurmountable shadow.