Barón Rojo. Larga vida al Rock&Roll.

  • Director: Javier Paniagua, José San Cristóbal.
  • Country: Spain.
  • Duration: 95 min.
  • Year: 2012
  • original language: Spanish.O.V.
  • Leadings: Armando de Castro, José Luis Campuzano,Carlos de Castro,Hermes Calabria, Enrique Bunbury, Carlos Tarque, Javier Vargas, Carlos Escobedo,Juan Aguirre, Julio Castejón, José Miguel López, Juan Pablo Ordúñez “El Pirata”, Vicente Romero “Mariskal”.
  • Screenwriter(s): javier Paniagua, José San Cristobal.
  • Editor(s): José San Cristobal.
  • Camera: Tommie Ferreras.
  • Music Composer: Barón Rojo.
  • Sound designer: Iñaki del Olmo.
  • Film company: Flip Flor Audiovisual S.L.

A heavy group of non-friends that triumphed. Where did it all go pear-shaped? Their reunion for the 30th anniversary tour exposes the schisms and summits, the typical Spanish cock-up, the fans, the workerist stance and their anti-Movement character. Red or dead.

They were a group of heavy non-friends that despite internal tensions, managed to triumph in a field and era that few had before them. And what’s more, they achieved immortality. The question is inevitable: “Where did it all go pear-shaped, when it all seemed to be going so well?” Their reunion for the 30th anniversary tour, captured in this documentary, reveals the marvels and miseries of a group that few people saw fit to reincarnate. The four band members reveal how the band was formed of two opposing groups with irreconcilable stances: José Luis Campuzano “Sherpa” and Hermes Calabria on one side, the brothers Armando and Carlos De Castro on the other. And nevertheless, more or less united, its members – pinned down in their homes, with their wives and kids, living their daily lives – relate how Barón Rojo road out schisms and conquered summits (The Reading Festival), filled stadiums, despite the typical Spanish cock-up and the skinny support of Zafiro (or “root of all evil” as they describe it here). They establish a slew of fans  and vindicate their workerist stance and anti-Movement character. Red or dead. Resistance till the bitter end.